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Big Pan, meaning Great Lake, is an area formed of creeks, mangroves, wet and dry swamps. Many bird species live in this area, the most famous of which is the Scarlet Ibis. In addition to birds, the area is also rich in fish and reptiles.

Temporarily not available due to low water.  

This tour will be guided by a local guide.
If you prefer one of our specialized wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.


The first day in the morning (time will be confirmed when booked) you will be picked up in Paramaribo by a taxi to go to Nickerie. Around 14:00 you are going by boat with the guides to Bigi Pan. You spend the night in a lodge with beds and there are also options to sleep in a hammock. The following activities are planned during your stay; spot birds, caimans and snakes, kayak and possibly a mud bath. The following day you return by boat to Nickerie where the taxi will be waiting for you to bring you back to Paramaribo. 



You will spend the night in a lodge on the water. There are three lodges available in Bigi Pan. 

Mantje’s lodge 
At Mantje’s lodge you will have your own bedroom. Toilet, bathroom and electricity point are shared. 
Stephanie’s lodge
At Stephanie lodge you will have your own bedroom with your own toilet. Bathroom and electricity point are shared. 
Akira overwater resort 
In the Akira lodge you have your own lodge with a private bedroom, balcony and bathroom. There is also 24/7 electricity available in your room. 




The vibrant coloration of the flamingo comes from carotenoid pigments in their diet, primarily derived from algae and crustaceans like shrimp. These social birds often gather in large colonies along the coastal mudflats and mangroves, where they use their specialised beaks to filter-feed on small organisms in the water. The flamingo’s unique feeding behaviour, and their communal nesting habits make them a captivating subject for birdwatchers and biologists alike. There are six species of flamingos, with the American flamingo being prominent in Suriname. These birds are fascinating not only for their beauty but also for their remarkable adaptations and social structures.

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

The scarlet ibis lives in the mangroves in the North of Suriname. This species lives in large groups and fly in formation between the resting site and the foraging site. They use their large rounded beak to search through the mud for mainly shrimp. The huge amount of shrimps that are consumed create the beautiful red-orange colour. In Suriname these birds are endangered because of illegal hunting activities and is protected because of it. So these amazing views are still present!

Bigi pan TOUR







2 days

group people icon

Group size

Minimum 2
Maximum 8


Price per person

Mantje Lodge: €225
Stephanie’s Lodge: €235
Akira Lodge: €295

This tour will be guided by a local guide. If you prefer one of our specialized wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.

Included in the price

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation (1 night)

  • Local guide

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  •  Snacks and drinks (only non – alcoholic)

Not included in the price

  •  Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day, and meals/snacks other than those offered

  • Alcoholic beverages and drinks other than those offered
  •  Personal expenses, optional activities and tips.
  • Medical, travel and cancellation insurance

  • Medical expenses

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