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About Us Unlock Nature Suriname


Unlock Nature provides unforgettable, life changing tours throughout the most remote areas of Suriname. The company is based in Suriname and provides experiences to the most remote parts of the jungle. Together with professional and experienced guides you, will have great adventures and spot amazing wildlife. We would love to share these experiences with you!

Meet The Professionals



Dick is one of the founders of Unlock Nature and wildlife guide. Many believe he is the herpetology expert of Suriname. He can definitely show you all kinds of herps, but we see him as an all-round guide with his big knowledge of wildlife in Suriname! He loves adventures and preferably guides back to basic tours. Camping with the bare minimum, dragging the boat through rapids, exploring remote and unseen areas… He does it all with pleasure! So are you looking for a real adventure?! Dick is your guy!

Anything and everything wildlife


Lieke is one of our founders and the organizational talent behind Unlock Nature. She is probably the first person you talk to if you contact us. Lieke knows all the best places to visit in Suriname, and can provide all the info you need to go on one of our trips. Although her main tasks for Unlock Nature might be more office related, she still loves to go out into the jungle and definitely shares your passion for nature. This makes Lieke the perfect person to plan your unforgettable trip to Suriname with!

Adventure seeking problem solver


Anouk opens her laptop everyday to make sure everything runs smoothly. With her love for Suriname and her office skills she is the person to make your time in Suriname amazing! She also loves to travel and knows what is needed for an unforgettable trip. When Anouk is not busy with her laptop you can find her in nature for either a relaxing time with friends or something adventurous. Nothing is too scary for Anouk! 
Anouk is also part of Snake Patrol Suriname. She wants to create awareness in Suriname about snakes not being dangerous by removing snakes from people’s houses and giving workshops.




Matthew Wallace Wildlife Guide

Matt has been obsessed with exploring the outdoors and learning about wildlife his entire life. Growing up in Scotland, Matt spent much of his childhood dreaming about one day exploring the jungles of South America and finding more of his favourite group of animals, snakes! When he first arrived in Suriname to meet the Unlock Nature team, he immediately discovered that he had found the perfect location and team to allow him to do this! In the future he hopes to continue to guide expeditions to the most remote areas of Suriname and be a part of putting Suriname on the map as an internationally recognised wildlife destination!
Whitewater kayaking and herping

Ashvin Partapsing Wildlife Guide

Ash loves mother nature. The complex coherence of everything that occurs in it will amaze him forever. From a young age, he has been involved with this and especially with the snakes of Suriname. If people in his area had a snake in their yard or an injured animal, he was the person to go to. Ash has been a volunteer park ranger and research volunteer in Peperpot Nature Park before the age of 20. Ash is a member of Snake Patrol Suriname and an Unlock Nature guide.

Survival skills and climbing trees

DANNY STARK Wildlife Guide

Danny is a reptile and amphibian enthusiast but loves all wildlife! From a young age he was interested in exploring different countries. In his free time he used to keep and breed a lot of snakes. Now in Surinam he is a proud member of Snake Patrol Suriname. He has the same education in the Netherlands as the Unlock founder Dick Lock and they always kept in touch, which is how he came to work for Unlock Nature. He always wanted to take the opportunity to live and work abroad so there he goes! He already does a lot of Peperpot tours and he is looking forward to do different tours in the future as well! 


Herping and snake handling



Aman’s two favourite things to do are hanging out with friends and to go herping. He often combines the two and one day he thought ‘why don’t I share my passion with more people’? Aman heard already a lot about Unlock Nature and when he met Dick Lock they both knew Aman should work at Unlock Nature. Aman is now a Peperpot guide and he joined some of our multi-day tours. Aman is always super enthusiastic when he is on tour! In the future he hopes to do herping tours or expeditions.



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