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Professionally guided tours into the Surinamese wilderness with an emphasis on nature and wildlife! We have several guides available that have specialized knowledge on a variety of flora and fauna and nature photography. We prefer to keep our groups small (maximum of 10 people, unless larger is requested), so we can focus on the wildlife. We respect nature and don’t leave anything behind that wasn’t there. During these tours everything is taken care of, you can just enjoy and be amazed by the beautiful flora and fauna that Suriname has to offer.

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If you would like any of the tours to be part of a bigger trip or change some details, please contact us for options and availability.


Peperpot Including specialised Unlock Nature wildlife guide


The Peperpot Nature Park is about a 20-minute drive from Paramaribo. This unique area covers 820 hectares is one of the first protected nature park in Suriname. This used to be a coffee and cocoa plantation.

A variety of flora and fauna can be found in this park, both during the day and in the evening! Sutopia Resort is located on the edge of the park, where you can spend the night in nature for the perfect getaway!



The Maratakka river is situated in the district of Nickerie. This beautiful river is not yet discovered by most of the tourists.

We have chances to see manatees, giant otters, and because of the many Mauritius palms we have a very good opportunity to see the blue/yellow winged macaw!

This tour is a back to basic tour what means that we will be camping in the jungle, sleeping in a hammock and cooking on a campfire. This way you can make really connecting with nature! 

This tour is three days and two nights.

Customize this tour
If you are interested in a two day tour or if you would like this tour to be part of a bigger trip, please contact us.

Brownsberg Including specialised Unlock Nature wildlife guide


The Brownsberg is a nature reserve that is situated in the district Brokopondo. The top is 515m high and we will drive all the way up to the bauxite plateau.

The accommodation is on top of the mountain as there are the starting points of different tracks, most of them ending up at waterfalls. We can visit different waterfalls and camp next to it. It’s a very peaceful and wonderful experience to wake up next to a waterfall and see the monkeys above you in the trees.

On the Brownsberg you can see different kind of wildlife like; monkey’s, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, caimans, and turtles!


Specialised Unlock Nature Wildlife Guide on request

Bigi Pan Including local guide


Bigi Pan, meaning Great Lake, is an area formed of creeks, mangroves, wet and dry swamps. Many bird species live in this area, the most famous of which is the Scarlet Ibis.

In addition to birds, the area is also rich in fish and reptiles. You spend the night in a lodge with beds and there are also options to sleep in a hammock.

The following activities are planned during your stay; spot birds, caimans and snakes, kayak and possibly a mud bath. This tour can be combined with Maratakka.

TURTLES Including local guide


Braamspunt is a sand strip situated in the north of Suriname where the 2 rivers, Commewijne and Suriname river, merge together. From the pier Leonsberg at Northern Paramaribo, we leave at 17:00 hour by boat. The boat ride will take between one and two hours depending on the tides.

During the boat ride you will see Guiana estuarine dolphins and if you are lucky even the scarlet Ibis!

When arriving at Braamspunt you can wander around at the beach and enjoy the sunset. Together with the guide you will search for turtles who are coming out of the Atlantic Ocean and finding a place on the beach to lay their eggs. This process is something wonderful to see!

Tours are available from February till July.

DOLPHINS Including local guide


Near Paramaribo 2 rivers are coming together; the Commewijne River and the Suriname River. These flow into the Atlantic Ocean. By boat we sail across the river where there is a great chance of seeing dolphins! 

There is also a lot of mangroves growing along the river where you can spot various birds, such as the scarlet ibis. During this trip there is also a visit to one of the plantations along the Commewijne river.


Fredberg Including local guide


The Fredberg is rich in different species of flora and fauna.

The most famous animals are the Cock of the Rock, Emerald Tree Boa and Spider Monkeys. Of course, there are many more animals to see!

The view over the jungle at sunrise and sunset is phenomenal! Wake up peacefully in the hammock with the jungle sounds in the background.

At base camp there is also the possibility to swim. During this tour, you can also take an evening hike to discover which nocturnal animals live in the area!

KABALEBO Including local guide


Kabalebo is situated deep in the Amazon rain-forest and only accessible by air.

Kabalebo Nature Resort is situated on the Kabalebo River in the western uninhabited region of Suriname with lots of pristine jungle.

In this area you can find a lot of different wildlife, the uniqueness of this area is that hunting is forbidden. Because of this, a lot of wildlife is easier to see because they are not afraid of humans.

Species you can see are tapirs, giant otters, capybara, tarantula’s, macaws, different kind of reptiles and amphibians and when you are lucky even a jaguar!

Seliba Including local guide

View of the river from your tent.

Glamping in the jungle next to the Suriname river. The perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. The experience of Seliba includes amazing food, adventurous jungle trips and activities on the river! You will camp in luxury tents in which you can really relax.
Enjoy the hot tub and pool or take the sup boards for a paddle on the river. There are no obligations, you can relax and rewind or go on an adventure.

Sintiadam Including local guide


Located in the south, in the Sipaliwini district, we find Sintiadam. In the middle of the beautiful and untouched nature we can spot a lot of wildlife! In addition to spotting birds and mammals, we will also look for the reptiles and amphibians that the area is rich at night. This is guaranteed to produce beautiful and unique photos! Everything is included and if you have any questions or need more information, please let us know!.

In this expedition you will come across all Maroon villages on the Suriname River. At one of the last Maroon villages you will spend the night in the village before continuing up the Gran Rio. Once you have passed the very last villages you enter a real untouched rainforest. Here you can spot all kinds of things along the river, caimans, monkeys and with luck maybe even a giant anaconda or a jaguar! The journey there not only takes you past beautiful villages and untouched rainforest, but it is also a real adventure itself.

The journey goes all the way to Sintiadam, a large rapid that spreads over the entire river. You spend the night here in hammocks on an island with a beautiful view of the river. From here you have multiple options to do. You can make hikes through the forest, visit two beautiful inselbergen (granite hills in the forest); the flower mountain and the turtle mountain. Who knows what wildlife you might encounter along the way. There is a breath taking view from the mountains themselves!

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