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BROWNSBERG wake up to the sound of the awakening jungle

It is an amazing experience to wake up to the sound of the waterfall and the awakening jungle. On the Brownsberg you can see different types of animals such as; monkeys, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, caimans, turtles and so on! This nature reserve is situated in the Brokopondo district, about 1,5 hour drive from Paramaribo. The climb up by car is about an extra hour. The top is 515 meters high and we drive all the way to the bauxite plateau. The property is located on the top of the mountain as there are the starting points of several tracks, most of which end at waterfalls. We can visit several waterfalls and also have the option to spend the night there! In this trip everything is taken care of, transportation, accommodation, food & drinks and a guide. 

This tour will be guided by a professional Unlock Nature wildlife guide.



Dipsas Copei

The Dipsas Copei is a rare and harmless-looking snail eater that looks like any other snail eater until you see its brightly orange head.


Phyllomedusa Tomoptema

It is a large green frog with scattered white spots, orange groin and inner surfaces of the limbs with purple stripes, and a pale orange belly. It has a vertical pupil,  smooth dorsal skin, expanded discs in the fingers and an absent membrane between the toes.

Guyanan red howler monkey

Howler monkeys

They are one of the biggest monkeys in the forest of Suriname. They live in small groups up to 8 animals and are mostly located due to their specific sound; howling. The howling can be heard up to a distance of 5 kilometres and can be pretty intense. It is said that they are the loudest animals on land. The male of the group is mostly the one who initiates and stops the howling.

Howler monkeys feed mostly on (young) leaves and fruits. That is why they spent most of their time in the tree tops and are pretty difficult to find. Did you know they can eat unripe fruits and even fruits that would be toxic for humans?! They do not digest the fruit seeds, and are therefore are a great help in dispersing the seeds. This shows again that every animal has a crucial role in the ecosystem!





Your choice of a
hammock or a bed



3 days

If you are interested in either 2 or 4 days or would like to combine this tour with other tours, please
contact us.

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Group size

Minimum 2
Maximum 8


Price per person
3 days

2 persons – €545
3 persons – €390
4+ persons – €345

Included in the price

  • Transportation

  • Professional guide

  • Accommodation

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  •  Snacks and drinks (only non – alcoholic)

  •  Entrance fee Brownsberg

Not included in the price

  • Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day, and meals/snacks other than those offered.

  • Alcoholic beverages and other than those offered.

  • Personal expenses, optional activities, and tips

  • Medical insurance, travel insurance, and cancellation insurance

  • Medical expenses


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