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KABALEBO Unforgettable memories in a pristine jungle

Deep in the Amazon rainforest and accessible only by air, the beautiful resort offers an exceptional level of comfort and unforgettable memories.
Even for those with a lifetime of incredible travel experiences. Kabalebo Nature Resort is situated on the Kabalebo River in the western uninhabited region of Suriname with lots of pristine jungle.

This tour will be guided by a local guide.
If you prefer one of our specialized wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.


With a domestic flight from Zorg en Hoop near Paramaribo this unforgettable tour starts. This 1-hour flight takes you over the jungle of Suriname before landing on the airstrip of Kabalebo. This truly pristine area had no indigenous communities, and limited accessibility. Therefore, wildlife has never been hunted or disturbed and are not afraid for humans! Because of this, much of the wildlife is relatively easy to see in comparison with other locations. Several tapirs roam the area that are used to being in the vicinity of humans. Even the jaguar and Harpy eagle visit the lodge every now and then!


First day

Departure on Saturday at 11:00 from local airport Zorg & Hoop in Paramaribo to the airstrip at Kabalebo, approximately 1 hour by airplane, west of Paramaribo. The resort is located next to the airstrip. After check-in, meet and greet with the personnel at the lodge, and lunch is served. After lunch, you will have an introduction walk through the forest on one of the trails:
• The Beech craft trail.
• The trail to the BWKW rapids.
• A trail from the feet of the Misty Mountain to the Sand Creek.
These trails are in combination with a boat trip in a dugout canoe. After the hike, you will have the opportunity to relax in the river. In the afternoon, we will drift back to the lodge and while drifting back you can enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding you. In the evening dinner will be served, and you will be able to enjoy one of the delicious Surinamese courses that the cook/chef has prepared for you. After dinner, you can enjoy the scenery on the spacious veranda or relax in your hammock.
After dinner, the manager will provide you with information about your tour for the next day.

Last day

You will start your last day with a breakfast after which you will go kayaking.
We will make our way upstream to the Krong Soela by dugout canoe. When you arrived at Krong Soela you will step in a kayak and paddle your way back to the main lodge. While kayaking, you can enjoy nature and the wildlife around you.
After lunch, you will fly back to Paramaribo.


You can choose one of the following 5 accommodations; Main Lodge, Inspiration Point, River Cabins, Panorama Suites and Bivouac.
Kabalebo 1 Main Lodge

Main lodge

The Main Lodge was the first structure to be built when the resort was conceived and offers ten (10) standard double rooms that each have private bathrooms with shower, and hot and cold running water. The rooms have a fan or air-conditioning. It has a fantastic and spacious veranda where you can enjoy a stunning sunrise and sunset!
Room occupancy: 2

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is situated next to an orchard and is one of the more spacious accommodations of Kabalebo Nature Resort offering stunning views of Misty Mountain. The lodge contains six (6) superior double rooms, all built using wood from the surrounding jungle and elegantly furnished. Each room has a private en suite bathroom with shower and toilet with hot and cold running water, a fan, air-conditioning, and a front and a rear balcony. The resorts swimming pool is located next to Inspiration point and it is only a few minutes stroll from the main resort area.
Room occupancy: 2
Kabalebo inspiration point
Kabalebo River Cabins

River Cabins

The river cabins are situated on the banks of the Kabalebo River. The wooden deluxe river-view cabins offer one bedroom with single bed, a spacious veranda. There are three (3) deluxe river-view double rooms, each equipped with air conditioning, a bathroom with hot shower and toilet, refrigerator (mini bar) and a front terrace. The view from these river cabins is the unspoiled Amazon jungle, as far as the eye can see. The cabins are about 15 minutes walking distance from the Main Lodge where all meals are served. However guest can arrange for pick up and drop off in the resorts golf car or dugout canoe using a radio provided by the resort. Of course one can also take a relaxing walk to the Main Lodge.
Room occupancy: 2

The panorama suites

These are the most spacious and exquisite of our accommodation facilities on the resort, sporting queen-sized canopy beds and other modern and unique amenities, providing both privacy and a sense of freedom. These pristine Suites can each accommodate up to four persons, making them ideal for individual nature lovers, family getaways, and other group trips. The suites are perfectly situated with a great mountain and pool view from the balconies. It is a good location for close encounters with Macaws and Parrots, Agouti, Deer and Tapir crossing the Airstrip. These four (4) deluxe family-sized Suites are situated about a 5 minutes-walking distance from our Main Lodge, and just a stone’s throw away from our Swimming Pool and Inspiration Point.
Room occupancy: 1 – 4
Kabalebo Panorama suits


For genuine adventurers, Kabalebo is a true Amazon rain-forest Nature Resort and offers a one-of-a-kind Jungle camp experience in Suriname. You will sleep in hammocks and tents, on the river bank under the canopy. Jungle camp is about 15 minutes away from the Main Lodge and transportation is by boat. The camp can accommodate about 12 guest and meals can be consumed at the main lodge or delivered. Whilst it is an authentic jungle experience, we stopped short of having you stalk prey for your meals! A Kabalebo jungle expert will be present during your entire stay at Jungle camp.
Room occupancy: max. 12


Capybara (kabalebo 4)


The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, native to South America. These semi-aquatic mammals are highly social and typically found in groups near bodies of water, such as rivers, ponds, and marshes. Capybaras have webbed feet, which aid in swimming, and their diet mainly consists of grasses and aquatic plants. Known for their gentle and docile nature, they often coexist peacefully with a variety of other animal species. Despite their size, capybaras are excellent swimmers and can stay submerged for up to five minutes to evade predators.


Giant river Otter

This species is usually encountered with just their heads above water. In the water they are most definitely the apex predators; preying on fish like piranhas but also feed on snakes and even caiman! Most people think they’re cute, but when observed this close you can see their full size, muscular bodies and scar tissue. Beautiful and impressive animals to witness.

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle
These birds are one of the largest eagles in the world. Their claws are as big as the claws of a grizzly bear. This might also explain why the harpy eagles we meet are not impressed by us at all. We can really take our time photographing this individual. We can even sail right under it, and it still remains on its branch while giving us only a quick look.





Main lodge

If you would like to stay at one of the other accommodation options, please contact us for availability and pricing.



4 days

If you are interested in either 4 or 8 days or would like to combine this tour with other tours, please
contact us.

group people icon

Group size

Minimum 2
Maximum 10

This tour can be booked as a private tour, contact us for the options and availability.


Price per person

Double rooms based on:
1 person occupancy – €1205
2 person occupancy – €1082

This tour will be guided by a local guide. If you prefer one of our specialized wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.

Included in the price

  • Domestic flight from Zorg en Hoop to Kabalebo.
  • Accommodation (main lodge).
  • Local guide.
  • Breakfast, lunch and diner.
  • Snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic).

Not included in the price

  • Breakfast on the first day of the tour, dinner on the last day, and meals/snacks other than those offered.
  • Alcoholic beverages and other than those offered.
  • Personal expenses, optional activities and tips.
  • Medical insurance, travel insurance, and cancellation insurance.
  • Medical expenses.

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