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SINTIADAM In the middle of beautiful and untouched nature

Located in the south, in the Sipaliwini district, we find Sintiadam. In the middle of beautiful and untouched nature we can spot a lot of wildlife! In addition to spotting birds and mammals, we will also look for the reptiles and amphibians that the area is rich at night. This is guaranteed to produce beautiful and unique photos! Everything is included and if you have any questions or need more information, please let us know!

This tour will be guided by a local guide.
If you prefer one of our specialised wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.


In this tour you will come across all Maroon villages on the Suriname River. At one of the last Maroon villages you will spend the night in the village before continuing up the Gran Rio. 

Once you have passed the very last villages you enter a real untouched rainforest. Here you can spot all kinds of things along the river, caimans, monkeys and with luck maybe even a giant anaconda or a jaguar! The journey there not only takes you past beautiful villages and untouched rainforest, but it is also a real adventure itself. You have to cross several rapids where you have to get out and tow the boat! 

Of course, a number of experienced and fit Saramacan boatmen will come along to help you! The journey goes all the way to Sintiadam, a large rapid that spreads over the entire river. You spend the night here in hammocks on an island with a beautiful view of the river. From here you have multiple options to do. You can make hikes through the forest, visit two beautiful inselbergen (granite hills in the forest); the flower mountain and the turtle mountain. Who knows what wildlife you might encounter along the way. There is a breath-taking view from the mountains themselves!

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Spectacled Caiman

Spectacled Caiman

There are 6 species of caimans, and 3 of them can be found in Suriname! You can see the Spectacled Caiman, Smooth Fronted Caiman and Schneider’s Dwarf Caiman at Sintiadam. With their squat bodies, long tails, and short legs, they are much better in swimming than walking. 

The spectacled caiman is a common reptile found in the country’s freshwater habitats such as rivers, lakes, and swamps. These small to medium-sized crocodilians are characterized by a bony ridge between their eyes, resembling spectacles. Caimans are opportunistic predators, feeding on a varied diet including fish, amphibians, birds, and small mammals.



Even with a maximum of nearly 9 meters they are still not the longest snake on the planet. But with the maximum of about 225kg they surely are the heaviest! Undoubtedly one of the Suriname’s BIG 5!

Green-winged Macaw

green-winged Macaw

In Suriname, the vibrant and colourful macaws, commonly referred to as “aras,” are a significant part of the country’s rich biodiversity. These large parrots, including species like the Green-winged Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, and the Blue-and-yellow Macaw, inhabit the lush rainforests and savannas. Known for their striking plumage and loud calls, macaws are highly social birds that often travel in pairs or flocks. They play a vital role in the ecosystem by aiding in seed dispersal, which helps maintain the health and diversity of the forest.

Sintiadam TOUR







7 days

If you are interested in either 6 or 8 days or would like to combine this tour with other tours, please
contact us.

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Minimum 2
Maximum 8


Price per person

2 persons – €925
3 persons – €825
4+ persons – €750

This tour will be guided by a local guide. If you prefer one of our specialized wildlife guides with you, choose the add-on option during your booking.

Included in the price

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation

  • Local guide

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  •  Snacks and drinks (only non – alcoholic)

Not included in the price

  •  Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day, and meals/snacks other than those offered

  • Alcoholic beverages and drinks other than those offered
  •  Personal expenses, optional activities and tips.
  • Medical, travel and cancellation insurance

  • Medical expenses
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