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With this expedition we are going to explore the Lucie river and her surroundings! The Lucie river is situated in the South-West of Suriname in the Sipaliwini district. During this expedition most of the time we will spend by boat on the river, crossing many rapids! This adventure requires teamwork, courage, strength and flexibility! We will encounter many rapids where we’ll have to drag the boat over! During our time on the river we will certainly spot an amazing variety of wildlife during the day & night! On a daily basis we will scout the river banks in order to find some stunning places to set up our camp! For this expedition we are looking for a team of real adventurers! 

Are you sportive, healthy, flexible and a real nature lover? Let us know!


We are going with a group of max 7 people and 2 experienced wildlife guides to the Lucie river. This river is situated in the South-West of Suriname, we fly from Zorg en Hoop airport to Amatopo airstrip, a small indigenous village at the Courantyne river, from where we will travel by boat to the Lucie river. 


Rivers are the veins of the rainforest, traveling by foot can be very hard, but the river will give us the opportunity to cover more ground, navigate better, bring along more provisions, have amazing views and spot loads of wildlife!!


Off the beaten track

Very few people have visited this uncharted and pristine area. We will discover beautiful places along the river and there we have the chance to see Suriname’s big five: anaconda’s, jaguars, tapirs, otters and the harpy eagle! At night we camp near the river and continue the next morning. The physical challenge includes; pushing the boat over the rapids in low water, drinking water from the river (you get a bottle with a water filter), sleeping in hammocks and exploring the area by day and night. The last day we are flying back to Paramaribo with an experience of a lifetime in the pocket and hopefully a lot of awesome moments with each other!

Day 1

After arriving the first day in the small indigenous village, Amatopo, we won’t stay for long. We will store all our gear directly on the boat and leave the Courantyne river for the smaller Lucie river. We will spend our first night before a large stretch of consecutive rapids.


Day 2

The second day we will spend all day traveling upstream. A 30km stretch of rapids won’t make it easy for us. Jumping out of the boat, dragging it over the rapids, jump back in and repeat this countless times. This adventurous route withholds most people of traveling this far upstream. Which means this area is rarely visited and pristineness of the forest and the animals is intact!

Easier days

Once on top of the rapids we will have long stretches of calm water where we can take our time to spot Suriname’s big five! In consult with the group we have the next couple of days to spend the time however we want. If we want to travel further upstream, or maybe we have found a little paradise where we would like to stay a little longer and spot wildlife by foot through the jungle.

Last few days

Depending on how far upstream we’ve travelled we will spend the last 2-3 days traveling back to Amatopo. We will spend the last night in the jungle not too far from the village so we’re able to reach the airstrip in time.

wildlife you can encouter on this expedition


Blue and yellow Macaws

Harpy Eagle


Giant Otter

Lucie River Expedition

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This expedition is available as a private tour. Contact us for more information.

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